welcome to bradner farms

Known for Platinum Medal Quality for Bradner Farms, Farm  Direct brand and private label brand(s) of certified organic meat  chicken, eggs and dairy and we are an enthusiastic, innovative,  leadership enterprise striving for excellence in people, products and  service.

All of Bradner Farms’ organic milk, is contracted with Avalon Dairies in Vancouver, British Columbia, making Bradner Farms the first organic dairy in Western Canada since 1998.

The poultry division for both layers and broilers also became organic with the specialty birds remaining commercial. Over the years, as the market grew and with help of the BC Milk Marketing board, the Bradner Farms was able to expand to 850 milk cows, housed on 4 different sites.

Marketed directly to companies and packers, the poultry division now has over 800,000 birds of which 500,000 are house in one of the largest poultry farms in Canada. The recent expansion of the hatchery allows for 120,000 chicks per week to be hatched, supplying Bradner Farms’ needs plus a good percentage of stock for other competitors.

While all birds are butchered and packaged off site, over 16,000 eggs daily are cleaned, sorted and packaged at Bradner Farms under several labels including Bradner Farms, Avalon and Rabbit River Organics.