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~ Organic Poultry~

Certified Organic Poultry Raised in
Roomy Barns with Outdoor Access
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organic chicken productsBradner Farms organic chickens are raised in BC by the Donaldson family, a team of fourth-generation farmers who are committed to compassionate animal care and dedicated to production practices that meet Canada Organic Standards in an environmentally sustainable way. To meet the strict animal care and handling requirements that are certified and audited by an independent body, all of our chickens are given three times the roaming space in their barns, as well as natural daylight and access to the outdoors, allowing for natural free-range behaviour.

Our Organic Chickens are Raised & Processed in BC by Farmers You can Trust

As fourth-generation farmers, the Donaldson family lives and works at Bradner Farms in Abbotsford and Ashcroft where they practice humane animal care by raising healthy birds in a natural environment.

Raised Without Antibiotics, Added Hormones, or Animal By-Products

No matter what type of chicken products you are thinking about purchasing at your local store—organic whole birds, organic breast, organic wings, organic drumsticks, organic thighs, or organic Cornish hens—you can trust that all Bradner Farms chickens are fed a custom diet of wholesome certified organic grain and are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products. We maintain full control over the lifecycle of our poultry.

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