We are the leaders in organic production and regenerative practice farming
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~ Our Story ~

Our Family Started Farming In 1912. Today, We Are Innovators & Pioneers In Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

As a fourth-generation family farm, Bradner Farms is committed to compassionate animal care and regenerative farming practices. We are pioneers in certified organic farming, raising organic beef on our native bunchgrass and lush pastures in Ashcroft and Cache Creek, as well as organic poultry and dairy on the rich fertile pastures of the Fraser Valley.

Our family started farming over 100 years ago in 1912, when our great grandparents cleared the land with horses, built a barn, and began nourishing the earth to make it farmable. While our farming roots began with tulip, daffodil, and dairy farming—milking 23 cows by hand and transporting milk cans by horse and buggy—we have become leaders in organic food production, striving for excellence through innovation in our people, products, and services.

Our regenerative commitment to our historic lands and ecosystems is inevitable as our cattle, poultry, and children are all thriving on the same soil our great grandparents sustained over a century ago.

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